May 25, 2024
Fight Club Box Office Collection Day 2 sacnilk

Fight Club Box Office Collection Day 2 sacnilk

Fight Club Box Office Collection Day 2 – On its debut, Fight Club amassed an approximate net box office collection of ₹1.75 crore. Preliminary projections suggest that the film is on track to secure around ₹– crore net on its second day.

Slated for a theatrical release on December 15, 2023, in Tamil, Fight Club boasts a cast including Vijay Kumar, Monisha Mohan Menon, Kaarthekeyen Santhanam, Shankar Thas, Avinash Raghudevan, and Saravanavel. Anticipating the box office performance on Day 2, the expected figure is in the vicinity of ₹– crore net.

Fight Club Box Office Collection Day 2

DayIndia Net Collection (Approx)
Day 1₹1.75 Cr* Approx
Day 2₹– Cr* (Yet to be updated)
Total₹1.75 Cr* Approx

Fight Club Worldwide Box Office Collection Day 2

India Net Collection₹1.75 Cr* Approx
India Gross Collection₹– Cr
Overseas Collection₹– Cr
Worldwide Collection₹– Cr

Box office predictions are formulated through a combination of factors, including advance bookings, audience reviews, the film’s overall popularity, and past collections. The symbol “–” signifies that the data is either a prediction or an early estimate, and it is subject to change based on actual box office performance. These projections provide an initial insight into the expected figures but are not finalized until the official box office results are reported.

Fight Club Box Office Collection Day 2 Update

“Fighting Club,” the recently released rustic action thriller directed by Abbas A. Rahmath, made its global debut on December 15. The film stars Vijay B. Kumar and is presented by the accomplished writer-director Lokesh Kanagaraj, contributing to heightened anticipation surrounding the movie.

Fight Club Movie Review

Selva, a determined and ambitious college student with aspirations of becoming a football player, faces disappointment as missed opportunities dim his dreams. In parallel, Joseph, a former prisoner fueled by a quest for revenge, sets his sights on Kiruba, a politician. The lives of Selva and Joseph become unexpectedly entwined, haunted by their respective pasts and risking everything. The essence of Fight Club lies in the convergence of their fates, revealing a compelling tale where their destinies collide.

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