May 28, 2024
RPSC Exam Calendar 2024

RPSC Exam Calendar 2024 PDF Download

RPSC Exam Calendar 2024 PDF Download | RPSC New Exam Calendar 2024 | RPSC Calendar 2024 in Hindi | RPSC Exam Schedule 2024 | Exam Date | Time Table | Latest Updates.

RPSC Exam Calendar 2024 – RPSC has issued its new exam calendar for 2024. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission has notified the exam dates for four different types of employment. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission has issued the exam date for all applicants. The RPSC Exam Calendar 2024 is shown below.

RPSC Exam Calendar 2024 PDF Download

RPSC Exam Schedule 2024 Update

The Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) has unveiled its updated examination calendar for 2024, encompassing four significant recruitment exams. These include:

  • Search and Excavation Officer Competitive Examination
  • Curator Competitive Examination
  • Assistant Engineer (Mechanics) Competitive Examination
  • Law Writer Competitive Examination
  • Assistant Professor Librarian and Physical Training Instructor Examination for the College Education Department.

Candidates preparing for these exams can now refer to the newly released RPSC exam calendar to align their study schedules accordingly. Below is a summarized version of the updated exam schedule provided by the RPSC.

RPSC Exam Calendar 2024Details
Organization NameRajasthan Public Service Commission
Examination NameRPSC Various Exam 2024
Name of PostsVarious Posts
Exam Calendar StatusAvailable Now
Job LocationRajasthan
Exam Calendar Release Date08 January 2024

RPSC Exam Calendar 2024

RPSC Exam Calendar for 2024 in Hindi: The Rajasthan Public Service Commission has announced exam dates for several recruitments. The exam calendar for all applicants is shown below. The entire process of downloading the RPSC Exam Calendar 2024 via direct link is described below.

S. No.Exam NameExam Date
1Exploration and Excavation Officer Competitive Examination16/06/2024
2curator competitive exam16/06/2024
3Assistant Engineer (Mechanical), Competitive Exam30/06/2024
4Vidhi Creator Competitive Examination, 202414/07/2024

RPSC Exam Schedule 2024

RPSC Exam Schedule 2024: The Rajasthan Public Service Commission will hold the School Lecturer Examination Secondary Education Department from March 17 to June 2, 2024.

First, the RPSC will hold a Hindi examination on March 17th, followed by examinations of each topic, for a total of 51 subjects, with the final examination of Home Science and Philosophy taking place on June 2nd, 2024.

S. No.Exam NameTitleNew Exam Date
1rpsc assistant professor Philosophy exam datePhilosophy02nd June 2024
2Librarian, PTI and AP(Home Sc.) (Coll. Edu.) Exam – 2023Home Science02nd June 2024
3Asst. Prof. (College Education)Agriculture (Agronomy)01st June 2024
4Asst. Prof. (College Education)Art History01st June 2024
5rpsc assistant Professor Psychology exam datePsychology01st June 2024
6Librarian, PTI and AP(Home Sc.) (Coll. Edu.) Exam – 2023Physical Training Instructor31st May 2024
7Asst. Prof. (College Education)Agriculture (Animal Husbandry And Dairy Science)30th May 2024
8rpsc assistant Professor Sociology exam dateSociology30th May 2024
9rpsc assistant Professor Economics exam dateEconomics29th May 2024
10Asst. Prof. (College Education)Business Administration28th May 2024
11Asst. Prof. (College Education)Agriculture (Entomology)24th May 2024
12Librarian, PTI and AP(Home Sc.) (Coll. Edu.) Exam – 2023Librarian24th May 2024
13Asst. Prof. (College Education)Applied Art23rd May 2024
14Asst. Prof. (College Education)Economics Administration And Financial Management (EAFM)23rd May 2024
15Asst. Prof. (College Education)Agriculture (Live Stock)23rd May 2024
16rpsc assistant Professor Maths exam dateMaths23rd May 2024
17rpsc assistant Professor Music exam dateMusic (Vocal)22nd May 2024
18rpsc assistant professor Urdu exam dateUrdu22nd May 2024
19Asst. Prof. (College Education)Agriculture (Plant Pathology)22nd May 2024
20rpsc assistant Professor Rajasthani exam dateRajasthani22nd May 2024
21rpsc assistant Professor Chemistry exam dateChemistry22nd May 2024
22rpsc assistant Professor Zoology exam dateZoology21st May 2024
23rpsc assistant Professor English exam dateEnglish21st May 2024
24rpsc assistant Professor Drawing And Painting exam dateDrawing And Painting20th May 2024
25rpsc assistant Professor Botany exam dateBotany20th May 2024
26Asst. Prof. (College Education)Accounts And Business Statistics (ABST)20th May 2024
27rpsc assistant Professor Public Administration exam datePublic Administration19th May 2024
28rpsc assistant Professor Sanskrit exam dateSanskrit19th May 2024
29rpsc assistant Professor Physics exam datePhysics19th May 2024
30rpsc assistant Professor Geography exam dateGeography18th May 2024
31rpsc assistant Professor History exam dateHistory17th May 2024
32rpsc assistant Professor Political Science exam datePolitical Science16th May 2024
33Asst. Prof. (College Education)Music (Violin)31st March 2024
34Asst. Prof. (College Education)Garment Production And Export Management31st March 2024
35rpsc assistant Professor Jainology exam dateJainology31st March 2024
36rpsc assistant Professor Sindhi exam dateSindhi31st March 2024
37Asst. Prof. (College Education)Music Instrument (Sitar)31st March 2024
38rpsc assistant Professor Museology exam dateMuseology31st March 2024
39rpsc assistant Professor Military Science exam dateMilitary Science31st March 2024
40rpsc assistant Professor Music Tabla exam dateMusic Tabla31st March 2024
41Asst. Prof. (College Education)Agriculture (Engineering)31st March 2024
42rpsc assistant Professor Punjabi exam datePunjabi31st March 2024
43Asst. Prof. (College Education)Agriculture (Economics)31st March 2024
44rpsc assistant Professor Paintings exam datePaintings31st March 2024
45Asst. Prof. (College Education)Agriculture (Soil Science)31st March 2024
46rpsc assistant Professor Geology exam dateGeology31st March 2024
47Asst. Prof. (College Education)Agriculture (Horticulture)31st March 2024
48rpsc assistant Professor Law exam dateLaw31st March 2024
49rpsc assistant Professor Library Science exam dateLibrary Science31st March 2024
50rpsc assistant Professor Sculpture exam dateSculpture17th March 2024
51rpsc assistant professor hindi exam dateNope17th March 2024
52RPSC Statistical Officer Exam DateStatistical Officer25th February 2024
54RPSC RAS ​​Exam Date 2024(MAINS) Start Date27th & 28th January 2024
55Librarian, PTI and AP(Home Sc.) (Coll. Edu.) Exam – 2023(Paper-3 : General studies of Rajasthan)07th January 2024
56Asst. Prof. (College Education)(Paper-3 : General studies of Rajasthan)07th January 2024

RPSC Exam Calendar 2024 PDF Download

RPSC Exam Calendar 2024
RPSC Exam Calendar 2024

RPSC Exam Calendar 2024: Download Guide

The RPSC Exam Calendar 2024 is now available for download. It provides the scheduled dates for various recruitment examinations conducted by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you download the RPSC Exam Calendar 2024 in PDF format:

  1. Visit the official website of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC).
  2. Navigate to the ‘News and Events’ section.
  3. Locate and click on the link related to the RPSC Exam Date Calendar 2024.
  4. The detailed exam schedule will be displayed on your screen.
  5. To save it as a PDF, simply use the ‘Save As’ option and name it “RPSC Exam-calendar 2024”.

By following these steps, you’ll have the RPSC Exam Calendar 2024 PDF downloaded and ready for your reference.

RPSC Exam Calendar 2024 PDF Link

RPSC New Exam Calendar 2024 PDF Link
RPSC New Exam Calendar 2024
RPSC Exam Calendar 2023

RPSC Exam Calendar 2024: FAQ’s

When will RPSC Exam Calendar 2024 be released?

The next RPSC exam calendar was revealed on January 8, 2024.

Which recruitment exam dates have been announced under RPSC Exam Calendar 2024?

The exam dates for all prospective recruitments have been revealed on the RPSC Exam Calendar 2024.

How to download RPSC Exam Calendar 2024?

The whole procedure and direct link to get the RPSC Exam Calendar 2024 are provided here.

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