May 28, 2024
Swiss Military share price target 2024

Swiss Military share price target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Swiss Military share price target 2024 – In today’s discussion, we’ll provide the Swiss Military Share Price Target 2024. The spotlight is on Swiss Military, a brand synonymous with excellence, affordability, and innovation. Investors are optimistic about the potential profitability of this share in the future, prompting us to conduct a detailed analysis of Swiss Military’s stock.

The primary focus of this article is to provide a comprehensive stock analysis. We aim to unravel the Swiss Military Share Price Targets as part of this analysis. So, let’s begin by examining an overview of the company’s shares, delve into its financial and fundamental aspects, and ultimately project the potential future prices of Swiss Military shares.

Swiss Military share price target Fundamentals

CompanySwiss Military Consumer Goods Ltd
Market Cap₹410 Crore
P/E Ratio59.63
Dividend Yield0.77%

Swiss Military share price target Overview

Swiss Military Consumer Goods prides itself on crafting quality products that don’t break the bank. With a legacy spanning four decades, their ethos revolves around offering affordable luxuries, ensuring that everyone can indulge in quality without hefty price tags. Their commitment goes beyond just selling products; they aim to cultivate enduring relationships with their customers, ensuring satisfaction through impeccable products and services.

Founded in 1984 in India, Swiss Military has firmly established its footprint in the capital market, evident from its stock symbol (523558) and related stock price data. The company’s shares are traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Additionally, Swiss Military’s association with its subsidiary, AAA Shenyang Container Seal Private Limited, hints at its potential operations or at least a significant presence in the Chinese market.

Swiss Military share price target Financial

The company had a profit of -0.20 crore in 2020 while seeing a spike in revenue to 3.35 crore. With 5.19 crore in revenue, the company earned a profit of 0.03 crore in 2021. Swiss Military generated sales of 55.5 crore and a healthy profit of 2.75 crore in 2022.

Swiss Military share price target 2024

Swiss Military share price target 2024
Swiss Military share price target 2024

This company has consistently delivered poor results. And while it returned -13% last year, it may experience a slight increase this year. According to our estimates, its stock will return 3% to 6% this year. Swiss Military Share Price Target 2023: ₹14 – ₹16. If the stock begins to decline, you can sell it.

Swiss Military share price target 2025

Looking at how the management is expanding the Swiss Military Consumer company’s operations, it appears that we will witness a significant increase. There is a fair chance that the company’s shares will be available at a reasonable price in two to three years. The company’s financial status has improved significantly, which is noteworthy. Swiss Military Share Price Target 2025 might be ₹18, with a maximum price of ₹20.

Swiss Military share price target 2030

According to the 2030 prediction, the share may be nearly twice as valuable as your money. Because its basics are excellent, and its finances are gradually improving, which is admirable. The nicest part about the share is that it is debt-free. The target price for Swiss Military shares in 2030 is ₹25, with a maximum of ₹35. If you buy in this company with a long-term view, it may be an excellent choice for you.

Conclusion of Swiss Military share price target 2024

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Swiss Military share price target 2024 FAQs

What is the future of Swiss Military share?

There is a good chance that the Swiss Military share will provide multi-bagger returns in the future. However, you must buy in this share with caution and over a lengthy period of time.

Is Swiss Military share good to buy?

Swiss Military Stocks may be a fantastic investment because their financials and fundamentals are practically perfect.

Is the Swiss Military debt-free?

Yes, the Swiss military is debt free.

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